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Falling From Grace

Falling from grace, former Akal Takhat Jatehdar Prof. Darshan Singh, has today been officially "removed" from the Sikh Panth and been declared, 'Tankhayia'. While many maybe jubilant at the decision considering the raagi's remarks regarding Amrit, and Dasam Pathsha's bani, one can't also help but to feel a little saddened to see how times have changed. From someone who at one point was looked upon as a leader in the Panth, especially in the 80's when times were tough, and as someone who sang the same bani that he later began to reject, then growing into to someone who spoke ill of the same Amrit that they once preached for Sangat to take,  its always sad to see someone switch up their game like that.

While getting rid of plagues and cancers who wrought from within is always called for, it would also be nice to see similar level of action taken against those who in guise of Sikhi continue to rape and plunder against Sangat. That the Akal Takhat take allegations against any precharak reported of committing crimes as serious as the next and launched their own investigations into the matter, and in due course similarly punished these folk.


Sri Amritsar Sahib - The five Singh Sahibans issued an edict from Sri Akal Takht Sahib declaring the controversial Ragi Darshan Singh a ‘Tankhayia’ (apostate). The Ragi was sternly chastised for failing to appear at the apex Sikh Takht at 12 noon on December 5th of 2009 as required.

On November 17th,  the Ragi was directed by Sri Akal Takht Sahib to appear before the five Singh Sahibans and provide explanation for the offending remarks he had made about Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji at a Rochester, New York gurdwara.

The directive by Sri Akal Takht Sahib also declared the Ragi as a “Guru-Nindak” who, due to ego and self-interest, failed to uphold the respect and maryada of the sacred Takht Sahib.

The Sri Akal Takht Sahib directive further stated that until the Ragi appears in person for atonement, all Sikh organizations, institutions, and Gurdwaras should not allow the Ragi to utilize their facilities.

The five Singh Sahibans also gave a final ultimatum to the heretic Ragi that if he does not abide by this directive and appear before the Takht before January 7th of 2010, further severe action would be taken against him according to Panthic norms and traditions.

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